Unclassified Media

This site is the archive for the exhibition, Dark Euphoria – Unclassified Media, by media artist Mitch Goodwin. The exhibition was staged at the eMerge Media Space in Townsville, between Friday October 21 2011 and Friday March 30 2012.

The exhibition is the creative component of Goodwin’s Doctoral studies into the neo-gothic narrative of millennial technoculture. The exhibition component is an exploration of the darker tendencies of the contemporary digital aesthetic and the larger meta-narrative of the mass media network in this period of millennial change.  The exhibition featured photography, video remixes of contemporary screen culture, multi-channel video works, image manipulation, glitch art and electronic music. Further musings, rants, stumbles and pop snippets can be found at the artist’s blog site, Screen Culture.

The terms “Gothic High-Tech” and “Dark Euphoria” have been borrowed from a keynote speech delivered by science fiction author and cultural observer, Bruce Sterling, at Reboot 11 in Copenhagen in 2009 :

“In gothic high tech, you’re Steve Jobs and you’ve built an iPhone, which is a brilliant technical innovation, but you also had to sneak off to Tennessee to get a liver transplant because you’re dying of something secret and horrible. You’re a captain of American industry. You’re not like, you know, some General Motors kind of guy. On the contrary, your guy is really kind of like got both hands on the steering wheel of a functional car, but you know, you’re still gothic high tech because, you know, death is waiting, and you know not a sort of kindly death either but a really kind of sinister, creeping, tainted wells of Silicon Valley kind of super fun thing that steals upon you month by month that you have to hide from the public, from the bloggers, and from the shareholders. You just kind of grit your teeth and pull out the next one. A heroic story really, but very gothic. (Sterling 2009).

To access the whole keynote visit the Reboot 11 site for the video and Sterling’s Wired blog, Beyond the Beyond, for the transcript.

Citing Paul Virilio, Zygmunt Bauman, Slavov Zizek and futurist/sci-fi author Bruce Sterling, the works on display form the creative component of Mitch Goodwin’s phd thesis, Dark Euphoria: The Neo-Gothic Narrative of Millennial Culture. Visitors to the media space will not be provided with a traditional printed catalogue but rather each work will be accompanied by a didactic featuring a QR Code and four images illustrating the aesthetic – and cultural – progression of the work.   The didactic’s QR code will point the viewer to the particular work’s page on this blog site, (see main menu above).

Dark Euphoria - Promo_A5_Web

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